Falsely Accused! Child Protective Services (CPS) Support Board

  Welcome to the board! 

It's sad to say that CPS false allegations are out there happening everyday.  Families are being ripped apart and damage is being done.  If this is happening to you don't become a victim!  Educate yourself, fight and win your case and then educate others.  This can and does happen to people all around of all different classes and races. 

Please use this board to share your experiences and give helpful advice and much needed support to each other.  All entries must be respectful and contain appropriate language.   

Feel free to share any resources that may help others.  If you have any questions regarding any advice obtained here please consult your lawyer. 

This board is here to help anyone who has been involved with child protection services, especially the falsely accused.

You may need some advice or a way to vent your frustration.  Use the links to find a discussion group or a lawyer.  Use this boards blog to vent if you feel comfortable to do so.   

Remember, the more information you obtain the more it can help you.  

I have gathered several links to help provide you with information regarding Child Protective Services abuse.  The best thing you can do is to educate yourself.  Please keep in mind that each person's case may vary.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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